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Top 5 most dangerous chocking hazard foods for children and babies:

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

1) GRAPES: The safest way to cut grapes to avoid choking is to slice them lengthways, not width ways. And slice each grape into 4 if the child is particularly young. A child’s wind pipe is about the size of their thumb. These easily slip and block the airways entirely! In my house we don’t even offer grapes as there as simply so many other more nutritious fruits to offer that aren’t covered in a slippery skin.

2) COCKTAIL SAUSAGES/HOTDOG SAUSAGES: Again it’s about the texture of the skin. You have to pierce the skin to penetrate the meat, they can easily slip and block the airways. Slice your sausages so they’re thin.

3) MARSHMALLOWS! Sticky and slippery in texture and expand once wet. Even the miniature marshmallows that you put on your hot chocolate, are dangerous once wet as they expand and are a serious choking hazard.

4) POPCORN! Again these are the right size to block a child or babies airway and become dislodged. You can’t cut these to change the shape! Think carefully before you give this to your children.

5) BOILED LOLLIPOPS: This one goes without saying. The size, the shape and the fact it is on a stick that you actively suck and pull on; these are a no go for the safety conscious parent.

There are so many other alternatives! Please be careful! Nothing is worth the risk of losing your child.

Think… Choking Hazard!

If your child does start to choke they will be silent and pale, call for an Ambulance and shout for help straight away. Think about booking onto a paediatric first aid course. It really is crucial to know what to do in this situation and really is the difference between life and death.

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