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  • Who are the Nubologists?
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  • What is The Nub Theory?
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  • How to submit your ultrasound scan?
    1. Choose your response speed package from the shop.

 2. Enter all information at checkout. Please check your email for spelling errors and if paying by PayPal, that the email is up to date as this is where the instructions on how to submit your scan will be sent.

 3. Instructions on how to submit your scan will be emailed to you, this can often land in your junk folder. If you cannot find it please email all of your scan images and videos to We ask that you send all scan images for highest accuracy along with the exact gestation given on the day of your scan (weeks PLUS days). We are unable to offer our service if you scan is prior to 12.0 weeks please do not purchase a prediction if your scan was in the 11th week. If you have your baby’s CRL measurements please include these. They can be found in your maternity notes.

 4. Once we have received your scan images/videos we will begin working on your analysis. Sometimes we cannot offer an analysis and will respond to let you know that we will be refunding. 5. If you have chosen Rapid Response you will receive your results within 30 minutes. If you have paid for fast track we will have your analysis returned to you within three hours. If you have paid for the 24 hour service we will return your analysis within 24 hours. Please do not email us asking when you will receive a response. This will slow your prediction down. 24 hour service on average takes 24 hours. Please only email to enquire on where your prediction is if we are later than the time frame chosen.

 6. Your analysis and detailed drawing will be emailed to you. Nothing is posted. We are a completely anonymous service and nothing will be shared across social media without your consent. We are data protection compliant.

 7. We do not offer refunds if we are incorrect. None of our readings come with a 100% guarantee, as nothing but birth is 100%. We are renowned for our accuracy and trust worthy service, please feel free to check our reviews on Trust Pilot or Facebook.
  • When will I get a response?
    Based on your selected package, you will receive your analysis via email within one of the following time frames: 24 hours, 3 hours, or 30 minutes.
  • What package is right for me?
    Eager to discover your baby's sex but have waited long enough? We're here to help with our specially tailored packages. Our Offerings: Next Day Service: Let our specialists determine your baby's sex and share the analysis with you in just 24 hours. This option requires a minimum of 12.0 weeks of gestation. For those seeking quicker results, we offer three expedited packages to ensure speedy delivery of your results: Fast Track Option: Cut down your wait to just 3 hours with our expedited service. Rapid Return Service: For the fastest turnaround, our Rapid Return option promises to deliver results in 30 minutes or less. It's our quickest offering! Concerned about costs? We've considered that too. Sunday Saver: If you're simply seeking a straightforward answer, our Sunday Saver package is the perfect fit. Available exclusively on Sundays, it offers just our expert's opinion delivered within 24 hours, without any frills. Seeking validation after your gender scan? Let us provide the clarity you need. Gender Confirmation: From 14 weeks gestation, we can affirm your baby's sex using a potty shot or side profile image, providing the reassurance you're looking for.
  • Why can’t you predict my baby’s sex?
    In certain instances, analysing your baby's sex may not be possible. This usually results from unclear images, the baby's sex not being captured in the scan, or the gestation period being too early for a determination. Should this situation arise, we will promptly notify you with a courtesy email, explaining the specific reason for our inability to predict, along with a full refund.
  • How accurate is my prediction?
    Our team consists of specialists in early foetal development, with a particular focus on the dense tissue that develops into the baby's genitalia. With training from experienced sonographers, our years of expertise have earned us an exceptionally high accuracy rate of 99%. It's important to clarify, though, that we are not medical doctors. While our methodology is well-founded and trustworthy, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our nub readings. Our nub readings come with a confidence level expressed as a percentage.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept PayPal and debit and credit card payments made through our Submit Your Scan page.
  • Are you receiving my emails?
    If you’re worried that we may not have received an email from you, you can contact our Customer Service Team on Facebook @thenubologists
  • Where do I send my scan?
    Instructions are sent via email on receipt of payment. Please ensure the email address that is attached to your payment method is the correct one to contact you on. If it isn't please email with your order number or contact us on Facebook.
  • Will I get a refund?
    Refunds are issued solely in instances where we are unable to provide a nub reading for your baby. Given that only the birth of your baby offers a 100% guarantee in identifying the sex, we do not issue refunds in cases where our reading results differs from the actual sex at birth.
  • Will anything be shipped to my address?
    No, your shipping email is an automatic receipt from our website, your analysis will be emailed directly to you.
  • What are our opening hours?
    We are a UK based company working within the GMT time zone. Please read our opening hours below before purchasing a package and convert if you're overseas. ​ Monday: 9am-11pm Tuesday: 9am-11pm Wednesday: 9am-11pm Thursday: 9am-11pm Friday: 9am-11pm Saturday: 10am-6pm Sunday: 24 hour package only ​ Bank Holiday Mondays - Closed *Holiday periods may result in changes to our opening hours. ​ All fast track packages purchased during our closing hours will be promptly returned as soon as we open.
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