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  • Who are the Nubologists?
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  • What is The Nub Theory?
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  • How to submit your ultrasound scan?
    Choose your response speed package from the shop. Enter all information at checkout. Please check your email for spelling errors and if paying by PayPal, that the email is up to date as this is where the instructions on how to submit your scan will be sent. Instructions on how to submit your scan will be emailed to you, this can often land in your junk folder. If you cannot find it please email all of your scan images and videos to We ask that you send all scan images for highest accuracy along with the exact gestation given on the day of your scan (weeks PLUS days). We are unable to offer our service if you scan is prior to 12.0 weeks please do not purchase a prediction if your scan was in the 11th week. If you have your baby’s CRL measurements please include these. They can be found in your maternity notes. Once we have received your scan images/videos we will begin working on your prediction. Sometimes we cannot offer a prediction and will respond to let you know if we will be refunding or if we can offer you an insight (What is an insight) If you have chosen queue-jump we will analyse your images/video prior to anyone else and return your results. If you have paid for fast track we will have your prediction returned to you within three hours. If you have paid for the 24 hour prediction service we will return your prediction within 24 hours. Please do not email us asking when you will receive a response. This will slow your prediction down. 24 hour service on average takes 24 hours. Please only email to enquire on where your prediction is if we are later than the time frame chosen. Your prediction and detailed drawing will be emailed to you. Nothing is posted. We are a completely anonymous service and nothing will be shared across social media without your consent. We are data protection compliant. We do not offer refunds on incorrect predictions. None of our predictions come with a 100% guarantee, as nothing but birth is 100%. We are renowned for our accuracy and a trust worthy service, please feel free to check our reviews on Trust Pilot or Facebook.
  • When will I get a response?
    Depending on which package you choose, your prediction or insight will be emailed to you within 24 hours, 3 hours, within 2 hours or 30 mins.
  • What package is right for me?
    Waited long enough to know the sex of your baby? Don’t worry, we have the right packages for you. Our packages: Next Day: Have our expert's assess your baby's sex and return your prediction to you within 24 hours. Minimum gestation is 12.0 weeks. With our three fast packages we guarantee to deliver your results faster! Fast Track: Reduce your waiting time to 3 hours with our fast track service. Rapid Return: And if that’s not fast enough try our Rapid Return package is where we guarantee to deliver your results within 30 minutes or under. This is our fastest service! On a budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. Prediction Only: Just looking for an answer, no problem, this package that is only available on a Sunday is just for you! No drawing, no explanation just our expert opinion sent to you within 24 hours. Had your sexing scan and want reassurance? We can show you exactly what sex your baby is. Potty shot / Gender confirmation: We can confirm your baby's sex with a potty shot or side profile image from 14 weeks gestation.
  • Why can’t you predict my baby’s sex?
    On some occasions we can not predict the sex of your baby. This is almost always due to the clarity of the images, sex not being imaged or the gestation of your baby being too early. If we are unable to predict, we will send you a curtesy email to let you know and include the reason why and a full refund.
  • What is an insight and when do we offer them?
    We offer an insight when we cannot give you a prediction with an 80% confidence, because we believe there is a higher chance of error. This is most commonly because your baby's nub was only partially captured on your ultrasound image, but we may still be able to provide you with what sex your baby is from what is visible. Your prediction will tell you what sex the nub has familiar features with and will include a illustrated drawing and explanation of our findings. We do this by comparing the angle, anatomy, positioning and presentation. Even though we cannot tell you if your baby will be a boy or a girl, we are pleased to offer an insight which will make the guessing even more fun. We will ask you if you want to proceed with the insight or receive a full refund instead.
  • How accurate is my prediction?
    Our team are experts in early foetal development, specialising in the collection of dense tissue that will become baby’s genitalia. Trained by sonographers, we have many years experience and hold an extremely high accuracy rating of 99%. However, we will take this opportunity to state that we are not doctors, and whilst the theory is credible and reliable, we do not guarantee the sex of your baby with our predictions. Our predictions will include a percentage of confidence. Our insights do not include a percentage of confidence due to the chance of change being higher than those of predictions.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept PayPal and debit and credit card payments made through our Submit Your Scan page.
  • Are you receiving my emails?
    If you’re worried that we may not have received an email from you, you can contact our Customer Service Team on Facebook @thenubologists
  • Where do I send my scan?
    Instructions are sent via email on receipt of payment. Please ensure the email address that is attached to your payment method is the correct one to contact you on. If it isn't please email with your order number or contact us on Facebook.
  • Will I get a refund?
    We will only refund you when we are unable to offer you a prediction. However, as only birth is 100% at identifying your baby's sex, no refunds will be issued where the sex is different to what we have predicted.
  • Will anything be shipped to my address?
    No, your shipping email is an automatic receipt from our website, your prediction will be emailed to you.
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