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We are trained in the art of early fetal identification boasting accuracy levels of higher than 99%. Specialising in assessing the collection of the dense tissue that will later become your baby’s genitalia, you can trust us to tell you your baby's sex as early as 12.0* weeks. We have spent many years researching and studying their early fetal development method. Their research and methods are backed by science and studies. 


Using The Nub Theory, We can accurately predict the sex of your baby by assessing the infantile version of their genitalia. We can also confirm the sex of your baby after your scan, by looking at the genitals in what is commonly known as the potty shot. A full refund will be processed if there is no nub / genitals visible! Simply submit all of your scan images via the Submit Your Scan page to find out the sex of your baby today.


For the best chance of a prediction, submit ALL of your images, the exact gestation (weeks plus days) on the day of the scan and any other information that you think will be helpful.



Director & CEO of The Nubologists  

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The Nubologist's team leader.

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Head of social media & graphic designer manager for The Nubologists.



Head of customer service & graphic designer manager for The Nubologists.

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