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I’m pregnant: Now what?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

To double check the test is positive, have a look at the brand’s explanation. Normally you’re looking for a second line nearer to the urine strip than the control line, or a plus + sign. If you have any doubt, try a digital test.

So you’ve double checked, and triple checked, and if you’re anything like us you have taken five tests already! Now what? The first thing to do is relax. Absorb this moment, you’ll never want to forget it. In the next few days, you should call your doctor and let them know you’re pregnant. Some will ask you to come in and see the nurse, so you can confirm the pregnancy using a test with her, and she will help you work out your due date, too. There are some great Due Date calculators online, if you can’t wait to know when baby will be here. We love THIS ONE, as you can enter the average length of your LUTEAL PHASE, so it tends to be a little more accurate than the date of your last menses- however- using your menses is absolutely fine as a benchmark figure. If you don’t know your luteal phase try THIS due date calculator.

In the UK; your Doctor should refer you to your local midwifery team. In a few weeks they will be in touch with you to arrange the date of your BOOKING IN appointment. Alternatively, you can call your local midwifery team and let them know you’re pregnant when you find out, though we recommend going through your doctors as it’s then already attached to your health records should anything happen to you over the next few weeks.

Now is the time to stop those bad habits, too! Stop smoking, stop drinking, you can never do it too early.

MYTHBUSTER- There is no evidence to suggest that cutting down cigarettes is safer for the baby than quitting cold turkey. All research says the very best you can do for your unborn is to ditch the cigarettes altogether. Smoking can directly cause low birth weight, premature birth and miscarriage. Weaning yourself from them simply prolongs baby’s exposure to the negative impact these chemicals have on your system.

So now you’re on the right path, why not think about ways to announce your pregnancy?

And lastly CONGRATULATIONS, from all of us at Babyboo blogs!

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